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Established in 2001, Summit Surgical Center is a leading provider of ambulatory surgical care in Beverly Hills, California.
Our highly skilled team of surgeons and medical professionals provide top quality care with skill and compassion.


Quality Care

from our top rated health staff


Before Your Surgery

When you are evaluated for your surgery, the surgeon will explain the procedure and have you sign a consent form. If the surgeon feels you will benefit from an evaluation with the anesthesiologist ahead of time, it will be arranged before your surgery. Otherwise, you will meet the anesthesiologist in the holding area just before surgery.

Pre Admission Testing

A pre operative examination with additional tests may be necessary. You will receive a letter with instructions of where to go and what to do to prepare you for surgery.


Day of Surgery

Before surgery, the staff will provide you with hospital clothing and an explanation of what to expect in the surgical area. They will ask you a number of questions and initiate the paperwork needed to provide your care during your stay. Your family and/or significant others are welcome to stay with you until you are taken to the Operating Room. Your belongings may be stored in a locker if you are here for outpatient surgery.


After Surgery

Once the surgery is complete, you will be taken to the Recovery Room. A Nurse will continuously monitor you until you are fully awake and alert. Your Nurse will explain the equipment and any dressings or tubes that were placed on you. You will also be instructed in your level of activity and any exercises that you need to perform during this period. You are kept in this area until you are considered stable enough to discharged Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery. Your Anesthesiologist makes this decision.


After Care Centers

Our specialized after surgery nursing services may be provided in the comfort of your home or we can arrange for a total escape recovery through one of our partners. Specialized care by licensed nursing care in a hotel-like setting complete with private transportation.

  • 24 hour monitoring by specialty-trained, qualified registered nurses and nursing assistants
  • Private transportation to and from the surgery center & next day follow up appointments
  • luxury hotel feel with the advantages of a modern hospital
  • Healthy prepared meals and snacks
  • Additional services such as massage, manicure or pedicure, or hyperbaric oxygen therapy

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Top Quality After Care By Licensed Nursing Staff with Private Transportation